”Let’s hope so,” She spoke with a smile at the gesture of comfort, her tone seemingly relaxed and professional, icy eyes lifting towards the sky. It was overcast, the clouds glowing a strange orange color from a combination of fire, smoke and the lights from the city. It was almost fitting for the situation they were in. “Perhaps, we should also move to higher ground. It’d help us conserve some ammo to get away from the infected.”

Her eyes were scanning the rooftops automatically, stopping when they fell on a fire escape. The ladder was partically down, easy for either of them to grab. Jill dropped her bag of gear and positioned herself under it, leaping up to curl her fingers around the bottom rung. Arching her back and throwing her body weight into it, she yanked it down hard. It popped free, squealing loudly as the metal grated against itself.

“We should probably pull it up after us, just in case.” Grabbing her bag and throwing it across her back, she quickly mounted the ladder and started up the stairs, peering through the windows of the abandoned apartments; maybe a few people got out before things got too bad. She only hesistated at one, stopping on the landing with her free hand resting on the glass. It was a child’s bedroom, decorated with light pink wallpaper and stuffed animals, a small bed with a canopy pressed into the corner. Jill usually didn’t let things like an outbreak bother her, but children.. Always the children. A wedge of emotion lodged itself in her throat, her eyes narrowing slightly. This was why companies like Umbrella and those who wanted to be umbrella needed to be stopped.

Following Jill towards the ladder, he watched as the other pulled it down just enough for them to climb it, waiting for her to mount it first before pulling himself up onto it. With the bag of ammunition secure on his shoulder, he begin to climb the bars one after another, unable to help his eyes from flicking towards each windows of the now vacant apartments. Some apartments appeared oddly untouched, but most looked just as bad as it was outside; furnitures were flipped, shards of broken glass littered all over the carpet, and it was impossible to ignore the blood stains smeared on walls and carpets.

The blonde slowed to a halt when Jill suddenly stopped climbing, azure hues blinking as they peered up at the other above him before they slid towards the gloved hand pressed against one of the apartment’s window. “.. Jill?” Her name fell from his lips in a soft inquiry, straining his neck to peer in through that window which had caught the other’s interest. Due to the disadvantageous angle he was at, it took him a while to see what was beyond that window, but when he finally did see through that glass, realization dawned upon him.

Leon clenched his jaws, but allowed no other emotions to trickle onto his visage. People called him aloof, even cold-hearted at times due to the stoic disposition he carried with him, but that was just a face more than anything. Each time he was be sent on assignments to do government’s dirty work, his heart wrenched whenever he saw bloodied corpse of innocent civilians on the scene - and there were fair share of children amongst them, as well. But instead allowing his emotions to show and engulf him, he solely focused on getting his work done. It was easier for him that way..

Breaking his gaze away from that window, he glanced up at the other, an unreadable emotion briefly flickering within those blue depths before they became nearly blank. “.. We should keep moving.” he uttered in a near monotone, his gaze lingering on Jill for a while before they dropped to the ground below them, cerulean hues narrowing when he spotted several undead slowly making their way towards the ladder they were mounted on. Keeping one hand firmly wrapped around the bar, the other unsheathed the handgun from his holster, shooting down the approaching undead.

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Jill’s posture went stiff, her eyes going wide for a moment as she turned slowly to look down at Leon. Disbelief was clear on her features, her mouth falling open to form a silent face of sheer horror. She recovered quickly, snapping her jaw closed and shaking her head. Again, they would destroy another city - survivors and all because the Government didn’t want to bother with the clean up and the cover story. Lazy bastards. Scowling, she threw herself down from the hood and was running the moment she hit the ground.

“Then we need to hurry - Chris! Claire!” She called, cupping her mouth with her hand, the other pulling her pistol and expertly taking down a few undead that were shambling waveringly at the mouth of the dark corridor. The one on the ground closest to her reached out for her booted ankle, Jill promptly lifting her foot and placing it against the skull, firing another shot into the infected’s crown. The jerky movements ceased instantly, the arm that was reaching out for her falling limply to the blood stained cement.

“Where the hell are they?” She asked breathlessly, frustration seeping into her tone. If Leon’s information was accurate, and she didn’t doubt that it was, they would only have a matter of hours to locate the siblings and vacate the city. That left little to no time to help any other survivors, the government that swore to protect them disregarding them entirely. Anger boiled under Jill’s skin, her eyes flaring with it dangerously. Heartless bastards.

“A-fucking-gain?!” The woman swore as she emerged from the ally, her fist connecting with the jaw of a zombie that tried to grab her the moment she turned the corner. This was the second time she had let her emotions nearly make a meal of her, a single gunshot eliminating the threat. Checking her phone again, she took a moment to collect herself. Running around in a blind rage wouldn’t help her, Leon or the Redfields. It was abnormal that she would wear her heart on her sleeve; she was usually under much better wraps. She assumed it was because Chris was out here, in the hellhole they were sifting through.

Checking the few buildings near by, she pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Don’t they know to stay put when rescue is coming?”

When the blonde’s gaze lifted, he stilled when he caught that mingled emotions of raw disbelief and terror on that usually composed visage. He could empathize. He find it cruel and unfair how the government thought it’d be acceptable to just destroy an infected city - with possible survivors in it. Leon could feel the frustrations return, the frustrations he had failed to contain and nearly ended up lashing out on his Commander back when he had called the man for assistance… only to be denied of any government backup. They simply refused to get involved. However, that didn’t stop him from showing up in this mess. While the government didn’t give two shits about who might be alive in this hellhole, it mattered to Leon. Especially when those close to him were one of the survivors.

Leon blinked when the other took off the moment she dismounted from the cruiser, taking only a moment before dashing after her. As Jill called out for the Redfields, he could hear the panic laced within that tone as her voice rang through the chaos, no coherent response but the groans of the undead flooding the surrounding. And as he drew close to the alley Jill had just slipped into, there were already a pack of undead wobbling after the woman, disregarding their fallen companions lying limply near the entrance.

Drawing out his pistol, he quickly shot them down with a bullet to the head, each bodies descending with dying groans, accumulating in grotesque piles. “Jill!” He yelled in alarm when he saw the blonde emerging from the alley just as one of the undead extended its arms to make a grab at her. A sigh of relief fell from his lips when the woman took it down before it can touch her, the final gunshot ringing deafeningly as the bullet pierced the infected’s head.

Furrowing his brows, he jogged his way over to the distressed agent. “Knowing Chris, he wouldn’t be able to stay put in one place for long in a situation like this. They probably moved.” Mulling over the other’s expression, he brought a gloved hand to lightly it place it against the other’s shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “Jill.. we’re going to find them before the countdown, alright? This isn’t going to be the last outbreak we’ve survived, I’ll make sure of it.” He uttered in a tone much softer than before, offering the other one of his rare smiles. Dropping his arm back to his side, cerulean hues examined the buildings around them, a thoughtful expression donning his visage. “..They shouldn’t have gone too far. They’re probably on a higher ground.”

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What in the world...

“Leon! Wha - !” Ashley yelped in surprise as she felt strong hands push her down her seat. Her hands went up instinctively to cover her head. She didn’t have to finish her question to get an answer; the sound of gunfire and shattering glass did that for her. Beside her, she felt Leon move and she peered sideways to see him crouch and use the door as cover. He fired blindly once, twice, thrice until she heard something screech and slip down the road before hitting something.

Ashley craned her neck to get a good look at the agent whose face was lined with worry. Another round of gunshots pelted the limousine, while outside, engines revved up. “How many more?” she asked, biting her lip. Her voice was rather calm, if a little strained and tinged with worry; that bothered her - she didn’t know if her managing to keep herself together at such a time was good. Has the incident in Spain lowered her panic level? Or has it desensitized her to an extent?

“I dunno!” came Leon’s quick answer between gunfire. He cut a glance at the driver. The poor man was ducked as he drove, foot hard on the pedal. “Try to lose them!” the agent ordered and the driver shot back with a frustrated “I’m trying!”

Pressed against the floor of the car, Ashley could only squeeze her eyes shut and pray that whatever this is ends over soon. She had hoped not to be bored from the gathering especially with Leon around, but she certainly did not imagine anything more eventful than just talking, eating, posing for pictures and whispering jokes about politicians that would mill about. However, she had a feeling that the night had just begun.

As soon as that one biker went down, the rest of the group behind the limousine drew their own weapons and opened fire; the window on the back of the car also shattering to pieces. Leon allowed the empty clip to fall from his pistol before quickly sliding in a new round of magazines, twisting around in his position to begin shooting at the gangs lined up behind the vehicle. His eyes occasionally flicked towards Ashley who was curled up on the floor of the car - as if to reassure himself that the girl was safe from the hail of gunfire.

The car suddenly swerved sharply to the left, the abrupt momentum propelling him towards the other side of the vehicle. A brief grunt left his lips at the impact of his body hitting the door, before righting himself and turning to check on Ashley. “You alright, Ashley?” He uttered in a voice tinged with concern, azure blues giving the other a quick once-over before they averted to peer out the back of the car. That quick move the driver had pulled helped them lose most of the gang, but few must have predicted such strategy; at least three of them were still hot at their heels, shooting incessantly at the vehicle.

”..Shit!” The blonde cursed when the car gave a dangerous lurch, the bullet having punctured one of the vehicle’s tires. A strained noise came from the driver, but Leon brought up his handgun to resume shooting. “Keep driving..!” He yelled over the din of gunfire, firing off vigorously in hopes to dispatch the rest of the gangs before they can further wreck the vehicle. They would be in a dilemma worse than this if the vehicle gives. He replaced the magazine again with a quick flick of his wrist and jumped back into the gunfight, emitting a pained hiss when he felt a bullet graze his forearm.

Glacier hues narrowing, the blonde set his aim directly on the head of one of the biker gangs, unflinching as several bullets whizzed past the side of his head, blue depths hard as he pulled the trigger. The bullet homed right in the target’s forehead, his motorbike swerving dangerously before skidding to the side of the street, along with its owner. His next aim found it’s way towards the biker on the middle, shooting him in the head and sending him down the street to join his companion. The last of the gangs noticed this and begin to maneuver his motorbike side to side in a zig-zag fashion, in an attempt to trifle with his aiming, the rifle still shooting out shower of bullets.

The blonde smirked at this. As if that piteous tactic would throw off his aim. His aim moved in sync with the biker, and after steadying his arm, he fired off a round of bullets. As the bullets pierced the biker’s torso area, it wasn’t long before he heard the screeching of tires and a loud crash as the bike hit the ledge. Making sure there weren’t any more of those biker gangs following them, the agent sunk back into his seat with a deep sigh, dropping his pistol-wielding arm back to his side while the other subconsciously came up to curl around the gash on his forearm. “.. I think we’re safe, for now.”

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Jill gave an audible sigh of relief when she looked up at Leon, her eyes filled with temporary happiness. She shifted the bag on her back, looking slightly uncomfortable. Perhaps it could have been a better reunion, if they weren’t brought together under such terrible circumstances. Regardless, she gave him a wavering smile. Taking a moment, she freed her hair from the pony tail. It was giving her a stress headache, and the moment her tresses were tumbling over her shoulders, the pain in the back of her neck dulled.

“I haven’t had any luck,” she responded lowly, her eyes shifting back to the GPS on the screen of her cellphone. “But I won’t quit until I find them.” Dedication burned in her voice, her eyes flaring as she turned the phone to standby mode and returned it one of the many pockets on her tight cargo pants. She had to find Chris, just had to.

“I thought calling out to them would work, but with things like that -” She gestured over her shoulder to the broken down cop car, “I’m not surprised they can’t hear me.” She moved to check around the corner for any more undead. Seeing none, she boosted herself up on the hood of the squad vehicle.

“You have any ideas, Leon?” She asked, using the bit of height to stare over the crashed cars at the end of the street. Using a flare was also an idea, but attracting more attention from looters and zombies wouldn’t be the best plan no matter how much extra ammo Jill carried with her. She held herself up well, despite the burning fear in the back of her mind - none of it showed on her face or even in her voice. She was incredibly distraught, and she couldn’t hide that no matter how hard she tried.

Leon noticed that strained smile on the other’s visage, and a small, wistful smile ghosted across his face. Talk about some reunion… stumbling upon each other midst a zombie-infested city out of all places. A hell of a luck they had. Though.. it seemed situations such as these were what brought them together, despite how the circumstances were less than pleasant more often than not. Apparently, this was as best as it gets. He vaguely wondered… no, hoped that this cycle would break one day. It was what all of them hoped for.

The blonde shifted his weight to his right foot, cerulean pools falling on the cellphone within the other’s grasp before they ascended back to lock with mirroring optics, the fire in those blue eyes seeming to feed and strengthen his own determination. “Of course.” He allowed a minuscule smirk to etch onto his visage, his eyes sweeping the chaos midst them before they returned to Jill. “I don’t plan to leave this hellhole until I find the Redfields, either.” There was no way he was going back until he found those two…

Idly watching as the smaller blonde hoisted herself up onto the wrecked cruiser, Leon slowly made his way to one of the houses residing nearby, poking his head past the already opened door and withdrawing after a moment with a sigh. There didn’t seem to be any presence of those undead… neither the Redfields’. “According to the coordinates Claire had relayed to me.. they should be around here.” Flaxen brows furrowed as he propped himself against the frame of the door, arms coming up to fold across his chest.

”..I don’t have much suggestions to make other than keep on searching. But we should hurry..” Arching off the door frame, he walked over to where Jill was perched on the vehicle. “While the government refused to send any backups.. the President has ordered to have this city sterilized just like they did for Raccoon. We’ve got not much time. We need to find Chris and Claire before they blow this place.” Leon finished with a grave expression, gaze lowering. This wasn’t just about surviving and avoid getting devoured or getting turned into one of those undead.. it was also a race against time.

Master Of Unlocking: Main RP reply


When Jill finally arrived in the city, things were out of control. There were screams in the distance, sirens wailing and the shuffling groans of the undead. She didn’t know what was more eerie, the silence or the sounds of turmoil and destruction. Driving as far as she could before a pile up of cars prevented her from going any farther, she pulled her bag from the car and strapped it to her shoulders so she carried it across her back like a book bag. There were a few undead around her and she quickly dispatched them with a single bullet to the head. Breaking into a light run, she darted through alley ways and took down zombies like a machine.

“Chris! Claire!” She called breathlessly when she was nearing their location, pulling out her cellphone to check the GPS feature. Jill knew it was probably in vain, the sound of a wailing cop car near by making her head throb. It was abandoned, the woman carefully approaching the vehicle to turn off the annoying sound. There was blood splattered across the seat and wind shield, the officer long gone - probably now amongst the growing number of undead.

“Chris!” She called again, the sound of her voice attracting the shambling creatures that were throwing their useless limbs against the barricaded door. There were more than she expected, emptying her second clip in a matter of seconds. Dropping the empty metal shell, she pulled another from the pouch on her hip and slid it home, immediately dropping the corpse closest to her. It was the officer of the abandoned squad car, his neck viciously torn into and his face permanently distorted in a scream of agony. Jill felt a pang of sympathy when she dispatched him, the body twitching on the ground before becoming still.

When the last of them were gone, she holstered her pistol and called out again, her voice shrill. Maybe they had moved on already. Fear swallowed her mind before she shook her head - Chris and Claire wouldn’t go down without a fight. Hesitating, she waited for a response, her blue eyes darting over her surroundings - Being aware was the key to survival. Never letting her guard down and keeping on her toes was the best bet, especially if she would have to journey farther into the city alone.

Walking away from his vehicle, his blue oculars narrowed as those eerie groans drew closer; having heard his gunshot and marching towards the source of that noise. Adjusting the sack on his shoulder he continued forward, visibly tense and alert as he trekked across the ruins. Left and right.. there was chaos everywhere. And as much as he’d like to keep the memories sealed at the back of his mind, he couldn’t stop the rush of flashbacks of that unpleasant incident that had happened in Raccoon City. And seeing this city torn and crawling with undead, he wasn’t sure if there were any survivors left besides the Redfields. If those two were still alive in this hellhole.. The blonde shook his head. There was no time to fret over such a thing. He had to make haste on finding the Redfields and get the hell out of this place before the end of the countdown.

Leon abruptly stopped in his track when he heard a shout at the distance, falling still as if he was straining to hear better. It was a female voice… and - flaxen brows furrowed. Someone was also looking for the Redfields? It could possibly be a survivor. Measure of relief flooding over him, he quickly sheathed the handgun into his belt holster before running towards the voice, tuning out the groans of the undead and only focusing on that worry-stricken voice calling for the Redfields. 

Now, he could hear that voice loud and clear, and as he turned a corner, his gaze immediately fell upon the familiar blonde standing amidst the mess. Cerulean hues widened in astonished delight. “Jill..?” He breathed, jogging closer to the female and coming to a halt in front of her. “Fancy meeting you here.” He jested lightly, a feeble smile briefly tugging at the corner of his lips before that expression was replaced by a frown. ” .. No luck on finding Chris and Claire..?”

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Anonymous asked, "Shh, just come."


Wesker.. I already know it’s you.

So I suggest you remove that hideous grey mask.

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Anonymous asked, "LET ME LOVE YOU LEON!"


… Uh,

..Wesker, is that you?

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w013-umbrella-deactivated201208 asked, "*smirks and rises from his seat* If you insist..."

-Straightens with folding of arms across his chest, giving the other an expectant gaze.-

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w013-umbrella-deactivated201208 asked, "*crosses legs and gives a rather amused look* Haven't you figured that out already? Keep at it, Leon."

-Rolls eyes, appearing visibly annoyed.-

Will you quit stalling and take a shot at me already?

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w013-umbrella-deactivated201208 asked, "That's all you have? *grins*"

-Raises brow, hues narrowing with challenge.- 

Think you can do better?

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Finally got RE4 on my PS3. I can’t wait to pester Leon with my cries for help!

-Cue major facepalm.-

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Just picked up Leon. LUCKY~!



Ashley placed the invitation on her dresser with a sigh. Another social function, huh? Earlier in her life, she’d often daydream about high-class parties, wearing expensive dresses and meeting people of importance. It was only when her father moved up to the highest political rank and she got abducted by some loonies from some rural town in Spain that her opinion of such gatherings changed.

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The fact that the phone was still working didn’t bother Claire; in fact she didn’t find it strange at all. They were just lucky the lines hadn’t gone down yet, though with all the fires and accidents cropping up, she doubted the connection would last long. Better make sure Leon had everything he needed..

“Hang on, Chris…” she frowned, glancing over at her anxious brother. The problem with him was he got a little too worked over, became too paranoid. To her, their location felt secure, so why did they need to leave? If a ‘copter was coming—and she hoped that Leon could sanction one’s use—then they could get to the roof (or a roof, it didn’t matter) later. “Sorry, Leon. I need to get off the phone, but please…hurry. And be safe. If we’re not in the same building, we’ll be in the same area.”

As she hung up the phone, she gave her brother her full attention, allowing herself to be guided toward the door, though honestly she didn’t think it was necessary to run right back out. Though as the saying went, it was better to be safe than sorry. If something—or a certain golden-eyed someone—was out there, coming for them, she wanted to be in a secure location.

“Calm down.”

Her voice was smooth and gentle, not at all scolding or impatient. If they were going to find safety, it was important for Chris to keep a cool head and not worry about every little detail. They were still in good shape, though their ammo supply was beginning to run a little low. If they were lucky they wouldn’t need to scrounge up anymore; they could just hole up somewhere until the cavalry came.

But when are we ever that lucky…?

“We’re okay, Chris. I’m right beside you.”

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Ashley placed the invitation on her dresser with a sigh. Another social function, huh? Earlier in her life, she’d often daydream about high-class parties, wearing expensive dresses and meeting people of importance. It was only when her father moved up to the highest political rank and she got abducted by some loonies from some rural town in Spain that her opinion of such gatherings changed.

Frivolous. And by far, unnecessary. 

Really, what do they expect her to do there? Oh, yeah. Of course: wear a lovely dress, pose for pictures and fake a smile for hours while everyone else talked business and politics. What a waste of time! 

“I don’t even have friends there,” she half-whined, half-grumbled as she trudged towards her walk-in closet. Usually, she would be out looking for a dress to wear a week in advance but for this night, she didn’t even bother. There’d be no one to impress anyway, she thought wryly. She’ll just sit in one corner and let her mind wander off. Alright. Perfect way to spend the night.

Ashley pulled out an off-shoulder powder blue dress. It looked pretty enough. She may not want to go and she may not have even made an effort to look for a new dress, but that didn’t mean she was about to slack off.

Two hours later, she was ready. She wore her hair down with a little barrette to keep her bangs off her face, a choker and a pair of earrings, very minimal make-up. 

“Are you ready, Ms. Graham?” her bodyguard asked as she made her way down the stairs. Her father won’t be joining her, as usual. He would have gone straight to the party from whatever earlier engagement he had. 

“As ready as ever,” the blonde replied, not even bothering to conceal the sarcasm that laced her voice.

As she boarded the limousine waiting for her, she distantly hoped Leon would also be there. At least with Leon around, she won’t be bored.

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